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Q7 Paris is a leading skincare and beauty brand providing targeted formulas that are backed by science. At Q7 Paris, our ethos is at the heart of everything we do; we are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, effective, and affordable skincare solutions. We develop products using high quality ingredients for complete skincare routines that really work. Formulated in our UK based factory, our products are conceptualised to meet our customers’ needs. At Q7 Paris we specialise in skincare for people of colour, all our products have been labours of love,  following years of developing tried and tested formulas. The Q7 Paris brand has a worldwide reputation for quality ingredients, ultra-safe products and targeted formulas that deliver what they promise.

Our beauty range

We manufacture all our beauty products in house; in our own manufacturing facility based in England. Q7 Paris products must pass strict processes to make it to our customers; many of our formulas are years in the making before they hit the shelves! Our beauty range is varied yet carefully thought out; we only make products we know our customers will really love. Our popular carrot range is a firm customer favourite, offering a lightening and brightening effect to the skin. Our other hero products include serums, lotions, micellar water, and more recently, refreshing shower gels. The Q7 Paris products are all crafted to provide a luxurious experience, indulging the senses and enhancing skin’s appearance.

Following customer feedback, we now have a dedicated baby range, all with unique scents and calming, gentle skincare benefits for your little ones. This range is suitable for the whole family and includes a soothing nappy rash butter, delicately scented baby shampoos and gentle bath time treats. At Q7 Paris, we create ranges that work with your lifestyle; that’s why our specially developed baby range was developed to help you enjoy relaxing time out with your little one.

We’ve also recently launched our most potent lightening skincare collection yet; Luminaire. This stunning range offers a powerful skin brightening formula, targeting stubborn skin concerns. Our newly created Aloe Vera Gel range is also now on sale; whether you have sensitive skin or want a long-lasting scent, this range of gels has an instant skin cooling effect, and there’s a product for everyone!

To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers, all of or products have an anti-counterfeit scratch panel which reveals a unique PIN when scratched. We strongly recommend you do this prior to purchase to make sure your Q7 Paris product is genuine. Fake products can contain ineffective, or worse, harmful ingredients that can cause damage to the skin. Please only text your PIN to 38353, no other number will be able to verify your products are real Q7 Paris items.

Professional quality, science backed ingredients

Our beauty products are created following years of research and development. Formulated and produced in house in our UK based facility, our ranges are conceptualised and produced by Q7 Paris under our manufacturing parent company 83 Associates. You can rest assured our team of beauty experts oversee the entire creation process, from ingredient lists through to production, only when a product is perfect will it be Q7 Paris approved.