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Q7Paris Intimate Lightening Cream – 30ML

Sale price€25,95 EUR


Illuminate your intimate areas today with the Q7Paris Intimate Lightening Cream for Private and Bikini Areas and embrace a new level of confidence and beauty.


Discover your inner radiance and boost your confidence where it really matters with our Intimate Lightening Cream, your trusted solution for lighter, brighter intimate and bikini areas. This carefully crafted treatment targets hyperpigmentation, to help reveal an even, luminous skin tone. Harnessing nature's power, it helps gently fade dark spots and uneven skin tone, unveiling a lighter, more radiant you.

  • Feel confident again revealing those bikini areas.
  • Pleasantly scented but with sensitivity in mind, this intimate lightening cream cleanses & cares for the intimate and bikini areas to actively help reduce hyperpigmentation, lighten darkened spots, and prevent further discolouration.
  • Suitable for private parts and bikini areas. Ultimate treatment for delicate skin.
  • Massage onto cleansed skin before other products and Let it work its magic.

For even better results, precede with Q7Paris Intimate Lightening Serum allowing at least 5 minutes between each application.


    Q7Paris Intimate Lightening Cream – 30ML
    Q7Paris Intimate Lightening Cream – 30ML Sale price€25,95 EUR