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Article: New Q7 Paris product launch

New Q7 Paris product launch

New Q7 Paris product launch

We couldn’t launch our new website without talking you through the brand new Q7 Paris product launch. The Q7 Paris Luminaire and Aloe Vera ranges are on site and available to shop now! We hope you’ll love them as much as we do! Both ranges have been years in the making, boasting high quality ingredients we’ve handpicked.

Q7 Paris Luminaire

This six-product range boasts powerful ingredients with the aim of lightening your complexion and brightening stubborn age or sunspots. At Q7 Paris, some of our most popular products lighten and brighten the skin, offering targeted skincare to help add a luxurious glow. Thanks to the popularity of these products, we’ve gone one step further and developed our most powerful formula yet. Each product in the Luminaire range works as a standalone product or can be combined to create a complete skincare routine for the ultimate in luxury skincare. This is available to buy as a bundle, saving you 10 % off the RRP.

The Luminaire range comprises a refreshing shower gel, three unique lotions, two serums – one for oily and acne prone skin and another suitable for all other skin types. The lotions include a dark spot corrector, hyperpigmentation control and an SPF30 sunscreen lotion to care for skin throughout the day.  The serums provide advanced active lightening properties, suitable for each skin type.

If you’d like any advice on the best product for you or how your new Luminaire products can be used, please get in touch and our team and distributors will be able to advise you.

Q7 Paris Aloe Vera

Perfect for skin exposed regularly to the sun, our brand-new Aloe Vera range is one we’ve been excited about for a long while! These are the ultimate in soothing skincare. These products offer a cooling sensation to burnt or sensitive skin that has been exposed to the elements. With three different types to choose from, which will become your skincare staple?

Firstly, our sweet-scented rose petal aloe vera gel bathes the skin in a subtle yet delicious scent. A luxurious smelling treat for the end of the day, this Aloe Vera is great for those who want the maximum benefits from their skincare including a sweet-smelling finish.

At Q7 Paris, we know that one product doesn’t suit all, so for our customers with sensitive skin, we’ve also launched a special version of our Aloe Vera Gel designed specifically for use on skin that is especially delicate. By leaving out any additional ingredients such as fragrance, colour and alcohol, this is one product that is super kind to all the family!

The third Aloe Vera gel is our extra cooling formula. This offers maximum soothing and calming for skin that is regularly exposed to sunlight or irritants throughout the day. The perfect pre bed treat, or a great accompaniment to the beach on a hot afternoon, your skin will lap this super absorbent formula up in no time!

Have you tried the new Luminaire or Aloe Vera ranges? Let us know what you think of our new  Q7 Paris product launch and which products are your favourites, we’d love to know!

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