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We welcome you to the official site of Q7Paris beauty range; a Brand name of 83 Associates (UK) Limited where we truly want you to grow with us. 83 Associates Limited is a fast-growing multi-industry UK company with a successful presence in the Information Technology and beauty industries, thanks to our dedicated and diverse teams. Since inception, we pride ourselves in providing our customers and clients with products and services on which they can rely. 

That's, the only question we like to ask you!

We know you want to look your best of course, and we are also aware that you want to achieve that look without having to break the bank. With this in mind, we are dedicated to providing you with quality beauty products that doesn't just help you achieve this goal but help you do so with confidence and smile on your face; all at reasonable prices. We are convinced that since beauty is part of nature, it doesn't have to be super-expensive! 

We are the proud manufacturers of the Q7Paris range of beauty products - Body Lotions, Tablet Soaps, Serums etc. Although our products can be used by people of any background, they are specifically formulated to answer the skin care needs of men and women of colour and are very popular with ethnic people all over the world. Once launched, our products have the reputation of taking over their respective markets almost immediately and often continue to grow from that point. We ask you to be part of this growth and... let's grow together.


At Q7PARIS, we appreciate the known fact that from the moment of birth and beyond, a baby's most important need is loving-care from everyone around, especially from the parents. We also know that providing that care is far beyond ordinary; it is a way of life. We have therefore made a lasting commitment to help you shower your bundle of joy with well-deserved love and care by providing you with carefully developed, safe and clinically proven baby-friendly products. 

Q7PARIS baby products are formulated not only to enhance your baby's day-to-day body care but also, to help you perfect the bonding process with your baby.

We pride ourselves with some of the best professionals in the beauty industry and they ensure that all our products are professionally developed with carefully selected ingredients and intensively tested before they are allowed to pass to the end users. In addition to our already launched products, we continue to launch new products regularly in order to meet the growing demands of our valuable customers.

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