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Read the press coverage as Q7Paris works with NAFDAC Nigeria to crackdown on counterfeiters: fake Q7Paris products seized; counterfeiters' stores and warehouses gets raided and sealed.

As reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Saturday reiterated its commitment to safeguarding public health by ensuring that only the quality drugs, food and products were manufactured, imported and circulated in Nigeria.

Mr Idowu Joseph, Chief Regulatory Officer, Enforcement Directorate of NAFDAC, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, in reaction to an operation that was conducted by the Agency on Friday. 

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some officials of NAFDAC and some Anti-Riot Policemen attached to its enforcement directorate, had on Friday raided the International Trade Fair Complex in Lagos.

The enforcement team of the agency was on a raid for suspected fake Q7 Beauty Range products. The items fake items found included Q7 Gold Whitening Serum Strong Treatment Carrot Extracts, Q7 Whitening Soap, Q7 Carrot Milk Active Whitening Serum, Carrot Extracts Whitening Body Milk Strong Treatment and Rapid White Skin Perfector Serum.

Mr Joseph, Chief Regulatory Officer, Enforcement Directorate, said, “we went to the Trade Fair Complex to remove some suspected fake Q7 range of products.

“They included soap, cream and serum; the team went to a shop warehouse, it was locked but we had to force it open. We found it locked.

“We had to open it by force because by the rules of NAFDAC, when you reasonably suspect, you can open by force.

“We then proceeded to their main shop, where we saw one piece of Q7 soap.

“On interrogation, the salesperson claimed that the product had not been sold for a long time. However, while going through the receipts, we saw that the soap was sold five days ago. Joseph said,“These products are suspected because the original Q7Paris products are registered with NAFDAC; these ones do not have the NAFDAC numbers and that is why we suspect that they are fake.

“This is just the beginning of the investigation; the owners of the shop have been invited to the office, when they come, we will interview them to find out how they get their products.

“Subsequently, we will send the products to the laboratory for analysis, to determine whether it will pass all standard requirements for human use.

“The outcome of the laboratory results will determine the next step,’’ he said.

According to Joseph, the operation succeeded in getting about 40 cartons from shops in two different plazas in the market, as well as sealing some shops.

Another Chief Regulatory Officer of NAFDAC, Mr Uche Chidi, said that the Agency was carrying out its mandate by going to places suspected to have fake or sub-standard products.

Mr Omoyeni Babatunji, a Chief Regulatory Officer with NAFDAC, said that the choice of the Trade Fair Complex for this particular operation was strategic. “The Trade Fair Complex is so strategic in cosmetics distribution as importers and re- sellers can easily bring in goods from the land border, provided they pay their duties.

“A lot of people come to this complex to buy their products because the market is large and the goods are supposed to be cheaper, being a wholesale market and close to the Cotonou border.

“So, it behooves on us to continually check and monitor these markets in our country, to ensure that only duly approved and registered products are circulated and sold to Nigerians,’’ Babatunji explained.

“Allowing fake products in the public domain is 10 times risking the lives of anyone that uses them and that includes poor Nigerians." 


As Q7Paris values the safety of its customers and users of its products, it will continue to work with the government agencies of every countries in which Q7Paris products are distributed to make sure that counterfeiters are defeated and every counterfeit Q7Paris products are eradicated. 


Counterfeit products can be very dangerous to your health and we want all our customers to stay safe. Hence, we have introduced the anti-counterfeit scratch-panel with which customers can easily confirm the authenticity of any Q7Paris products before purchasing the product.

This silver panel can be found on our products and the only thing the user has to do is to scratch it to reveal the unique PIN hidden underneath and then send the PIN in a FREE SMS to the shortcode 38353. They will then receive an instant authentication SMS.

The PIN/Product can also be verified in many other ways including the following:


- calling the customer support line shown on the scratch panel for a fast over-the-phone product verification. 

 - Sending us the PIN via email, Facebook message, customer support form on our website, or calling our customer service line and we'll verify the product.

 - Following this link to verify now.

 - Download the FREE "Sproxil" smartphone app, now available on Android, iOS, & Blackberry!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your interest in Q7Paris.

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