Q7PARIS Anti-Counterfeit product authentication facility launched

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Anti-counterfeit product authentication scratch-panel Launched.

In order to protect our customers from the dangers of counterfeit and fake products, we have introduced a quick, FREE, easy to use anti-counterfeit Product authentication scratch-label.

The scratch-panel which is silver in colour can be found on the cover of the body lotions. Once scratched and the PIN sent in an SMS to the designated short-code, a return SMS is sent in reply thereby confirming the aunthenticity of the product in a matter of seconds - all for FREE. 

 How to use: 

  1.      Locate and scratch the silver panel on your Q7Paris product to reveal PIN
  2.      Text PIN to 38353 for FREE
  3.      Get Confirmation.

We advice end users to always confirm the authenticity of the Q7Paris product they are about to buy WEebefore making the purchase.

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Well done. Great initiative.
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